Our overtime management system controls the application and approval process to help streamline your employees’ overtime payments or off-in-lieu compensation. From the overtime chart, administrators and managers can view the volume of overtime logged by each employee on a daily and monthly basis. This advanced tracking can help your business avoid exceeding any legal overtime work limits that may exist in your region.

The system supports a maximum of 5 approval levels. Each level allows you to have multiple approvers. All people involved in the application process can clearly see the status and who needs to take action for the approval to proceed or be finalized.

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Our leave approval process is fully automated and paired with email notifications for both approvers and applicants. Approvers receive an email when action is needed on their part, while applicants receive an email informing them of the overtime request result.

The administrator can assign overtime payments for payroll processing or compensation for off-in-lieu.

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Administrator Role

System Setup

  • Set up overtime types, e.g. OT 1.0, OT1.5 and OT 2.0, etc., and related policies, grant overtime eligibility.
  • Set up user info, overtime approval structure and notification lists once overtime is approved.
  • Set up overtime delegation for other approvers for a certain period.

Employee Overtime Management

  • Process employee overtime applications if administrator approval is required.
  • Track all employee overtime in a consolidated calendar view.
  • Generate overtime summary and detailed reports based on the selected timeframe.
  • Export overtime payment report for payroll processing and overtime off-in-lieu compensation report for leave assignment.
  • Apply for overtime on behalf of employees with no approval required.
  • Generate overtime applications detail log for audit purposes.

Manager Role

Employee Overtime Management

  • Receive email notifications when employees apply for overtime claims.
  • Process employees’ overtime applications.
  • Track employees’ overtime in a consolidated calendar view.
  • Apply for overtime claims on behalf of employees (following the current approval process).
  • Access overtime policies applicable for each employee.
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Employee Role

Overtime Application

  • Apply, modify and withdraw overtime applications which are subject to approval.
  • Get notification emails once overtime applications are processed.
  • Check overtime claims for payment dates.
  • Access applicable overtime policies.

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