Adapt to post-pandemic challenges with HR solutions that prioritise employee safety, boost productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Elevate HR accuracy and efficiency with our customisable employee record management module. Tailor fields to fit clients’ precise needs.

View WFH arrangements alongside leave schedules within a comprehensive calendar, ensuring streamlined resource management.

Simplify expense claim application with OCR technology. Snap receipts for automatic data entry.

GPS-based Mobile Attendance: Clock in/out with smartphones, no TMS machine required. Simplify time tracking effortlessly.

Our multi-level approval process for leave, expenses, and overtime claims not only ensures operational efficiency but also helps boost employee morale.

Your employee data is secure with us. We encrypt all personal information for maximum protection.

Begin with the module that fits your immediate needs. Our system is designed for flexibility – add more as you grow.

StaffPage blends HR expertise with advanced technology for affordable efficiency. Shift focus to driving your business’s profits.

We grow with your feedback, continually enhancing our system for better functionality and experience.

Explore our turnkey solutions. Contact us or start your free trial today!

Skip the hassle of building and maintaining employee management processes from scratch. Discover the efficiency of the StaffPage Employee Management System, designed to streamline your business’s routine HR tasks. Our comprehensive suite includes five essential modules to revolutionise your HR management:

  • HRIS System: A centralised repository for accurate management of employee personal and job data.
  • Attendance Management System: Features mobile clock-in/out functionality, ensuring simplified and accurate time tracking.
  • Employee Leave Management System: Streamlines leave requests and approvals, fostering a well-organised leave process.
  • Expense Claim Management System: Expedite the processing of reimbursement claims, enhancing financial transparency and efficiency.
  • Overtime and Time-off in Lieu Management System: A tailored module for effectively overseeing and managing employee overtime and compensatory leaves.

Reclaim the time you and your employees need to concentrate on the core essentials of your business with the seamless integration of these indispensable modules.

Staff Records Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

OT & Time Off In Lieu Claim

Expense Reimbursement

The employee management system for businesses of all sizes

How StaffPage can help


Elevate your business with StaffPage, an innovative employee management system designed to boost efficiency, accuracy, and data privacy, while also enhancing employee morale. By minimizing HR errors, our solution not only conserves resources but also creates a more positive workplace environment, contributing to higher staff satisfaction. This shift in focus towards employee well-being naturally leads to increased productivity and allows your business to concentrate more on driving profits. Choose StaffPage to streamline your operations, safeguard your data, and foster a happier, more motivated workforce, setting the stage for greater business success.

Register a corporate account with StaffPage

Create a corporate account with StaffPage in one minute and assign an administrator to continue with the implementation. Contact us now and enjoy a one-month free trial!

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Data Security

StaffPage ensure cloud solution protects our client data at both network infrastructure and application levels. All application servers and database servers have implemented AES 256-bit full disk encryption. Our client data is stored in database servers disconnected from the internet. Except for our applications, there is no direct data connection to any of our database servers. StaffPage portal access is securely protected by HTTPS (256-bit encryption) with multi-factor authentication and/or IP address access control enabled.

Employee Management with Access Control

StaffPage portal can only be accessed by authorised users: each client company’s HR administrators, HR professionals, department managers and employees. Viewing and data manipulation rights are strictly managed by the users assigned access role. StaffPage customer service will only access your company and employee data at your request. No one else can gain access to any of your company’s or employee’s data.

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Follow the easy step by step guide to complete the implementation

We deliver a simple and straightforward process which allows you to enter your employee data. We provide a list of preset rules already prepared for your company, which are based on industry best practices. You can easily select from our template or update them to make it your own.

Enjoy a streamlined workflow for each application

Leave, expense reimbursement and overtime applications will always follow the preset approval structure. Our system offers real-time approval level routing. Once the approval result has been verified, emploees will be informed instantly.

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Get your employee records organized

It is government regulations that a company must keep their employees’ personal and job data for number of years based on the document nature, on the other hand, it is dangerous to keep files beyond their retention date required by Personal Data Protection Act, our employee record management system assist you to monitor and  purge outdated records and files on schedule. Moving to an efficient HRIS system can help you to manage comprehensive employee information securely, and get all employees’ info as and when you want accurately, instantly by clicks.

Use mobile devices to keep track of your employee hours

Punch card machines or wall-mounted devices are no longer required as our application uses the employees’ smartphones to detect their locations when they sign in or out. The company can decide whether to track meal times, tea breaks, or any other types of breaks. Administrators and managers can monitor all attendance timings online and in real-time.

In response to the pandemic, we have improved the attendance chart to include “work from home” and “quarantine” icons in addition to “leave” and “business trip” icons. This allows you to determine where and when employees are working.

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Map out your resources with confidence

Our employee leave management solution allows you to quickly allocate all resources available on the calendar. This assists you in deciding employee leave applications based on each individuals overall project timeline & job functions.

In response to the pandemic, we have added to the attendance chart and it now includes “work from home” and “quarantine” icons together with “leave” and “business trip” icons. This allows you to pinpoint where and when employees are working.

Clarify expense account spending and reimbursement limitations

A company-wide reimbursement policy that is fair, transparent and consistent will help get rid of any disputes. Not only is it the moral approach, but it can also mitigate legal risks associated with inaccurate or delayed reimbursements. Our real-time and in-depth expense reports will significantly help with the costs and risks of spending management.

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Manage overtime proactively to avoid unexpected costs, low morale or legal actions

Employee overtime is one of the costliest expenses for a company. As overtime regulations differ to safeguard employees from overwork, business managers and HR administrators require alerts when regionally-dictated employee overtime thresholds are approaching. Effective management and monitoring also keep overtime costs down.

Use reports to support payroll processing

Accurate leave data, overtime hours and expense reimbursement amounts are cruicial components of your employee payroll results. StaffPage portal provides easy-to-read reports to directly support payroll processing.

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StaffPage employee management lives in the cloud

Access our online employee management system from anywhere using our cloud-based interface. There’s no need to install a local app. StaffPage is straightforward to use from laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and many other internet-connected devices.

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StaffPage assists businesses worldwide

Our employee management system is preconfigured with the following countries regulations and centered on best industry practices. If your country is not mentioned below, don’t worry, just contact us for free configuration.

Take a chance improve your employee management process

User friendly

We aim to make our online employee management system powerful and flexible while maintaining a simple and elegant user experience. It ties in with our motto “Elegant yet powerful”.

Never mess with employee management again

StaffPage will help you improve your employees work-life balance and strenghten productivity through increased motivation