Adapt to post-pandemic challenges with HR solutions that prioritize employee safety, boost productivity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Elevate HR accuracy and efficiency with our customizable employee record management module. Tailor fields to fit clients’ precise needs.

View WFH arrangements alongside leave schedules within a comprehensive calendar, ensuring streamlined resource management.

Simplify expense claim application with OCR technology. Snap receipts for automatic data entry.

GPS-based Mobile Attendance: Clock in/out with smartphones, no TMS machine required. Simplify time tracking effortlessly.

Our multi-level approval process for leave, expenses, and overtime claims not only ensures operational efficiency but also helps boost employee morale.

Your employee data is secure with us. We encrypt all personal information for maximum protection.

Begin with the module that fits your immediate needs. Our system is designed for flexibility – add more as you grow.

StaffPage blends HR expertise with advanced technology for affordable efficiency. Shift focus to driving your business’s profits.

We grow with your feedback, continually enhancing our system for better functionality and experience.

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Eliminate the complexity of building and maintaining employee management processes from the ground up. Discover the efficiency of the StaffPage Employee Management System, designed to streamline your business’s routine HR operations. Our comprehensive system includes five key modules to revolutionize your HR management:

  • HRIS System: A centralized hub for accurate management of employee personal and job data.
  • Attendance Management System: Offers mobile clock-in/out capabilities, ensuring easy and precise time tracking.
  • Employee Leave Management System: Simplifies leave requests and approvals, creating an organized leave management process.
  • Expense Claim Management System: Accelerate the processing of expense claims, boosting financial transparency and efficiency.
  • Overtime and Time-off in Lieu Management System: A specialized module for effectively overseeing and managing employee overtime and compensatory time.

Reclaim the time you and your staff need to focus on the core aspects of your business with the seamless integration of these essential modules.

Staff Records Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

OT & Time Off In Lieu Claim

Expense Reimbursement

The employee management system for businesses of all sizes

How StaffPage can help


Elevate your business with StaffPage, an innovative employee management system designed to boost efficiency, accuracy, and data privacy, while also enhancing employee morale. By minimizing HR errors, our solution not only conserves resources but also creates a more positive workplace environment, contributing to higher staff satisfaction. This shift in focus towards employee well-being naturally leads to increased productivity and allows your business to concentrate more on driving profits. Choose StaffPage to streamline your operations, safeguard your data, and foster a happier, more motivated workforce, setting the stage for greater business success.

Register a corporate account with StaffPage

Establish your corporate presence on swiftly—just a minute to get started! Designate your administrator to spearhead the seamless implementation of all modules. Embark on this transformative journey and elevate your HR services to unparalleled heights. Connect with us today and seize the opportunity to experience a full month of our premium service, absolutely free!

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It’s simple! Just follow the step by step wizard to complete the implementation

It’s straightforward! Just navigate through our user-friendly step-by-step wizard to finalize the implementation. Our process for entering both company and employee data are straightforward and efficient. Opt for our pre-configured rules, tailored to your company based on industry benchmarks, or customize them to suit your specific needs.


Get your employee records organized

Government regulations mandate that companies retain their employees’ personal and occupational data for a specified duration, depending on the type of document. Efficient record-keeping streamlines the management of employee information, leading to significant time and cost savings. This optimization allows managers to allocate their focus to more critical tasks and minimizes the likelihood of costly mistakes or oversights. Adopting a robust HRIS (Human Resource Information System) enables secure, comprehensive management of employee data, offering instant, accurate access to all necessary information with just a few clicks.

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Use mobile devices to keep track of your employee hours

The need for traditional punch card machines or wall-mounted devices is eliminated with our application, which utilizes the GPS in employees’ smartphones to log their check-in and check-out times. The system offers flexibility, allowing the company to monitor not just work hours but also meal times, tea breaks, and other types of breaks as required. Administrators and managers have the advantage of viewing and managing attendance data online in real-time.

Our attendance tracking system has evolved to include new features specifically designed for enhanced visibility within the calendar interface. We have integrated icons for “work from home” and “quarantine” alongside the existing indicators for “leave” and “business trip” directly within the calendar display. This update ensures a comprehensive and at-a-glance view of your employees’ work locations and statuses, making it easier than ever to manage and understand team availability and commitments at all times.

Plan your resources with confidence

Our StaffPage leave management solution empowers managers to efficiently manage leave requests by accessing all available resources in calendar and considering each employee’s project timelines and job functions. It ensures adequate staffing levels, preventing the issues of understaffing or overloading others due to absences. Effective leave management reduces the need for temporary hires or overtime, boosting productivity. StaffPage enhances compliance, transparency, and data-driven decisions, promoting a balanced and productive workplace.

The leave summary page is meticulously designed to serve as the central hub for comprehensive leave management, enabling leave administrators, managers, and employees themselves to access detailed insights into every facet of an employee’s leave. This encompasses entitlements, leave accrued to date, carry-forward amounts, leave already taken, leave to be taken, and remaining balances. By highlighting the significance of transparency and accessibility to leave data, this functionality ensures that all parties involved can make well-informed decisions.

The system will also issue notifications 30, 60, and 90 days before the scheduled forfeiture of leave balances. This procedure guarantees that leave administrators, managers, and employees are well-equipped to efficiently handle leave balances, avoiding any potential loss.

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Clarify expense account spending and reimbursement limitations

A company-wide reimbursement policy that is fair, transparent, and consistent will help eliminate disputes. It’s not only the moral approach for your business but can also mitigate legal risks associated with inaccurate or delayed reimbursements. Our real-time and thorough expense reports will greatly help with the costs and risks of spending management.

Leveraging OCR technology, our system automates data input by allowing users to easily snapshot receipts using a mobile phone, streamlining the documentation process. Furthermore, our platform enhances transparency by providing not only the claim application status but also the reimbursement date once a claim is processed. In cases where a claim’s status is pending, the system clearly highlights whose approval is pending, ensuring accountability and facilitating follow-ups. Additionally, the system is designed to identify and alert both employees and managers of potential duplicated applications, preventing errors before they occur.

This suite of features ensures a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly reimbursement process, reinforcing our commitment to fairness, transparency, and consistency in financial management

Manage overtime proactively to avoid surprise costs, low morale or legal actions

Employee overtime is one of the costliest expenses for a company. As overtime regulations vary by country to protect employees from overwork, business managers and HR administrators need alerts when regionally-dictated employee overtime thresholds are approaching. Our system not only provides alerts when the overtime threshold is nearing but also offers effective management and monitoring to keep overtime costs down.

Additionally, our system provides two ways for overtime compensation based on company rules, ensuring that employees’ extra efforts are promptly and accurately rewarded. One method is to compensate overtime hours with off-time, offering employees valuable rest and recuperation periods. The other method compensates for overtime with payment, directly acknowledging their additional contributions. This approach not only underscores the company’s appreciation for its employees’ hard work but also significantly boosts employee morale. Recognizing employees’ extra efforts in such a tangible manner reinforces their sense of value within the company, leading to higher job satisfaction and motivation.

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Enjoy a streamlined workflow for each application

Leave, expense reimbursement, and overtime applications will always follow the preset approval structure, which includes up to five levels of approval to ensure thorough review and authorization. Our system offers real-time approval level routing, allowing for multiple approvers at each level to facilitate a more efficient decision-making process. Furthermore, individuals set up in the notification list will be promptly notified when the approval result is released, ensuring transparency and timely updates. The system also highlights who the next level approver is, providing clear visibility into the process for employees. Employees will be notified immediately once the approval result has been verified, keeping them informed and engaged from start to finish.

Use reports to support payroll processing

Accurate leave data, overtime hours, and expense reimbursement amounts form the cornerstone of the employee payroll system. Our StaffPage portal supports payroll processing with easy-to-read reports, ensuring an efficient and smooth management process. However, in the attendance module, we take a serious approach to lateness and absence, strictly adhering to company policy. We provide accurate attendance data. This data is crucial for encouraging punctuality and attendance among employees, in line with our commitment to maintaining fairness and discipline across the organization. This approach ensures that, while managing leave, overtime, and reimbursement payments, we seriously and justly uphold the efficiency and integrity of the entire team in accordance with company policy.

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Employee Management with Access Control

The StaffPage portal is exclusively available to authorized individuals, including HR administrators, HR professionals, department managers, and employees of each client company. Access to viewing and altering data is rigorously governed by the specific access role assigned to the user. Since our clients’ employee data and company information are encrypted before being saved to the database, even our database administrators cannot directly access your employees’ data and company information. StaffPage customer service will access your company and employee data only upon your request. Access rights to your company’s or employee’s data are not granted to anyone else.

Data Security Is Always Our No.1 Priority

StaffPage’s secure cloud solution ensures unparalleled protection of our client data at both network infrastructure and application levels. We go beyond the industry standard with our unique approach to data security. Unlike many HRIS platforms, StaffPage stands out by encrypting personal employee data and company information before it is even stored in our database. This advanced encryption process, a feat achieved by only a select few in the industry due to its complexity, ensures that your data is safeguarded and remains private.

Our commitment to data security is comprehensive. All application servers and database servers are fortified with AES 256-bit full disk encryption. We store our client data in database servers that are completely isolated from the internet, ensuring no direct online access at any time. Access to the StaffPage portal is rigorously guarded by HTTPS (256-bit encryption), supplemented with multi-factor authentication and/or IP address access control, to ensure that your data is accessible only by authorized personnel. With StaffPage, your data is not just encrypted, it’s fortified and enveloped in a layer of impenetrable security, setting a new benchmark in HRIS data security.

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Your Server Will Be Hosted In Your Regional Hub, Should You Prefer Hosting In Your Own Country, This Option Is Available Upon Request.

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StaffPage employee management lives in the cloud

Access our online employee management system securely from anywhere using our cloud-based interface. No local app installation is required, making it easy and secure to use StaffPage from laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and many other internet-connected devices.

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StaffPage helps businesses worldwide

Our employee management system is designed based on the best industry practices to offer comprehensive functionality. If you have specific requirements or need adjustments to better fit your local regulations, please don’t hesitate to contact us for configuration options at no extra charge. It’s important for users to ensure that their use of the system aligns with local laws and regulations.

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User friendly

We strive to make our online employee management system powerful and flexible while retaining a simple and elegant user experience. It fits with our motto “Elegant yet powerful”.

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