The pandemic is changing the way we run a business, effective employee management is key to move on to the “New Normal”

Your business needs a solution to manage employee safety, business productivity and government regulations

Management planning of when and where an employee works makes a great difference on business quality and productivity

The speed of processing employee leave, OT and expense claim requests now becomes more critical to resource planning and employee morale

StaffPage achieves all these by applying our HR expertise with the latest technology to overcome the impact at a surely affordable price

Our value is to allow your management and staff to focus on your profit generating business

StaffPage Portal listens to your feedback and keeps adding new HR solutions for businesses of all sizes

Want everything in order for the best solution in employee management? Contact us now!

Never waste your precious time trying to manage tedious employee management again. Allow StaffPage employee management system to help your business on automate employee application process for leave, overtime and business expense reimbursement so that you and your employees can focus more on running business.

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The employee management system for businesses of all sizes

How StaffPage can help


No matter how well you are able to do employee management yourself, it will not contribute a single cent to your revenue. However if you make a mistake it might affect the company’s relationship with your employees or even worse run afoul of the law. Let our employee management system take over and you can concentrate on achieving higher profits for the company.

Register a corporate account with StaffPage

You can set up a corporate account with StaffPage in one minute and delegate an administrator to continue with the implementation. Contact us now and Enjoy one-month free trial!

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Data Security

StaffPage secure cloud solution protects our client data at both network infrastructure and application levels. All application servers and database servers have implemented AES 256-bit  full disk encryption. Our client data is stored in database servers which are disconnected from the internet, except for our applications there is no direct connection to any of our database servers. StaffPage portal access is strictly protected by HTTPS (256-bit encryption) with multi-factor authentication and/or IP address access control enabled.

Access Control

StaffPage portal can only be accessed by authorized users, i.e. client company’s HR administrators, HR professionals, department managers and employees. “Who can see What info” is strictly controlled by the user’s access role. StaffPage customer service will only access your company and employee data based on your request, no one else has the right to access your company and employee data.

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It’s simple! Just follow the step by step wizard to complete the implementation

This is an easy and direct process to enter your employee data. As for the rules, choose from our list of preset rules already prepared for your company based on the best market practice or update them to make it your own.

Enjoy a streamlined workflow for each application

It doesn’t matter if you have a single or multiple approval levels, the leave, expense reimbursement and overtime applications will always follow the preset approval structure to route the request to the next approval level in real time. The employee will then be notified of the approval result at the first instance.

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Plan your resources with confidence

Our employee leave management solution can enable you to view all the different resources available in the calendar at a glance. This helps you to decide their leave applications based on overall project timeline & job functions.

In view of the ongoing pandemic, we have enhanced the attendance chart to include “work from home” and “quarantine” icons together with “leave” and “business trip” icons so that you can identify for any employee if the employee is working and the location of the work place in a single chart.

Make employee clear about what can spend on, limit and reimburse

Be fair, be transparent and be consistent, reimbursement policy will be applied companywide and this can eliminate the possibilities leading to disputes with employees, do not overlook this process because it is both morally and legal for company to reimburse employee payments accurately and promptly. Our real-time and complete expense reports will greatly help on cost management with no surprise to the company.

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Manage Overtime proactively to avoid cost surprise, low morale and legal action

Employee overtime is one of the most expensive expenses for a company and each country has their own overtime regulations to protect employee from overwork, business managers and HR administrators need alerts while employee overtime thresholds are approaching. The only way to keep overtime cost down is to monitor overtime efficiently.

Use reports to support payroll processing

Accurate leave data, overtime hours and expense reimbursement amount are major components of your employee payroll results. StaffPage portal provides easy-to-read reports to support payroll processing directly.

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StaffPage is in the cloud

Access to our online employee management system is securely made available in the cloud. You don’t need to install anything locally so you can access it through any device like a computer, tablet or smart phone.

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StaffPage help businesses worldwide

Our employee management system is preconfigured with the following countries’ rules and based on the best market practices. If your country is not available below, don’t worry please contact us to configure it free for you.

Enough reading! Take a chance to make your business better

User friendly

We strive to make our online employee management system powerful and flexible yet what is shown to our users is simplicity and elegance just like our motto “Elegant yet Powerful”.

Never mess with employee management again

Your employee will have a better work life balance and be more motivated to do well for the company.