StaffPage’s HR software ensures unparalleled HR data security for Hong Kong businesses with physical safeguards, encryption at rest, and in transit.

Tackle post-pandemic challenges with HR solutions aimed at employee safety and enhancing productivity, especially pertinent for Hong Kong companies navigating the new normal.

Our employee record management module increases HR precision and efficiency, tailored to clients’ specific requirements.

Check out WFH setups and leave schedules on a comprehensive calendar for streamlined resource management.

OCR tech makes the expense claim process a breeze. Just snap receipts for automatic entry.

Clock in and out with no fuss using our GPS-based Mobile Attendance on smartphones, doing away with the need for TMS machines.

Enhance operational efficiency and staff morale with our multi-tier approval process for leave requests, expense reimbursements, and

Start with basic modules; scale up as your business grows with our adaptable software design.

StaffPage merges HR expertise with cutting-edge technology for cost-effective efficiency. Shift your focus to boosting your business’s profits.

Your feedback helps us evolve, continuously improving our software for better functionality and experience.

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Lift HR Management in Hong Kong with StaffPage

Streamline HR with StaffPage: Manage staff efficiently without the hassle of complex setup or upkeep. Five main modules in our comprehensive software revolutionize your HR management in Hong Kong.

Centralized HR Data Hub

  •  Centralized Staff Data Management: make it exceptionally convenient for Hong Kong firms to maintain accurate employee personal and job data in one secure location.

Advanced Attendance Management

  • Mobile Clock-In/Out: Our advanced attendance management allows employees’ smartphone-based clock-ins/outs for easy and accurate time tracking.

Efficient Leave Management

  • Streamlined Leave Processing: Our effective leave management software makes leave applications and approvals simpler.

Simplified Expense Claims

  • Fast and Transparent Claims: Speed up the expense claim process, enhancing financial clarity and efficiency.

Overtime and Time-Off Management

  • Proactive Overtime Handling: Our dedicated module actively manages staff overtime and compensatory time off.

Seamlessly integrate these key modules to focus more on your business’s core activities.

Staff Records Management

Attendance Management

Leave Management

OT & Time Off In Lieu Claim

Expense Reimbursement

The employee management software for businesses of all sizes

Boost Business Operations in Hong Kong


Elevate your Hong Kong business with StaffPage, a software tailored for local efficiency, accuracy, data privacy, and enhancing team morale. Our platform minimizes HR errors, conserves resources, and fosters a positive work environment, crucial for the fast-paced Hong Kong market. By driving productivity and emphasizing profitability, StaffPage is the ideal choice for companies in Hong Kong looking to streamline operations, secure data, and inspire a motivated workforce, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Getting Started

Easily register a corporate account with StaffPage and appoint an admin for smooth module setup. Then, enjoy a full month of our premium service for free and begin transforming your HR services today.

Getting started with STAFFPAGE, the advanced HR software.
Implementing STAFFPAGE HR software is easy.

It’s straightforward! Just follow the step-by-step guide to complete the setup process.

Indeed, it’s simple! Navigate our intuitive, step-by-step guide to smoothly finalize the setup. Our methods for entering both company and employee details are direct and efficient. Choose our preset rules, designed for your company based on industry standards, or customize them to meet your specific needs.


Get your employee records organized

Companies are required to maintain employees’ personal and work details for a certain period as per government regulations. Efficient record-keeping streamlines employee information management, leading to significant time and cost savings. Furthermore, this optimization allows managers to focus more on critical tasks, reducing the chance of costly errors or oversights. Adopting a solid HRIS (Human Resource Information System) enables secure, comprehensive employee data management, offering instant, accurate access to all necessary details with just a few clicks.

The advanced HR employee records management software.
The advanced HR attendance software.

Use mobile devices to monitor your employee hours

Our app eliminates the need for traditional time clocks or wall-mounted devices. It uses GPS on employees’ smartphones to log clock-ins and -outs. The software is flexible, enabling the company to track not just work hours but also meal times, tea breaks, and other breaks as needed. As a result, administrators and managers benefit from viewing and managing attendance data online in real time.

Our attendance software now features improved calendar visibility. Icons for ‘work from home’ and ‘quarantine’ are included with ‘leave’ and ‘business trip’ indicators directly in the calendar view. This update ensures a comprehensive and at-a-glance understanding of your employees’ work locations and statuses, making it easier than ever to manage and understand team availability and commitments.

Plan your resources with confidence

StaffPage simplifies leave management by providing managers a calendar view of resources, considering project timelines and job functions. Effective leave management reduces the need for temporary hires or overtime, boosting productivity. StaffPage enhances compliance, transparency, and data-driven decisions, promoting a balanced and productive workplace.

The leave summary page provides detailed insights into all aspects of employee leave, including entitlements, accrued leave, carry-forward amounts, taken and planned leave, and remaining balances, ensuring transparency and accessibility for informed decisions. Additionally, leave balances nearing expiration are highlighted, aiding efficient management with reminders at 30, 60, and 90 days.

The advanced HR leave management software.
The advanced HR business expense reimbursement software.

Clarify expense account spending and reimbursement limits

A fair, clear, and consistent reimbursement policy reduces disputes and legal risks. Our software not only supports real-time expense tracking and enforces policy limits to reject excessive claims but also introduces a flexible benefits management feature. This feature smartly combines multiple claim types under dynamic capping rules, catering to each employee’s unique needs while still ensuring adherence to company policies and budget limits. This improvement underscores our commitment to a seamless, adaptable, and fair financial management process, streamlining reimbursements and accommodating diverse workforce needs efficiently.

Our OCR technology automates data entry by allowing users to snap receipts with their mobile phones, simplifying documentation. The platform enhances transparency by providing claim status and reimbursement dates. Additionally, it identifies and alerts potential duplicate applications, preventing errors.


Manage overtime proactively to avoid unexpected costs, low morale, or legal actions

With laws differing internationally to prevent overwork, our software alerts managers and HR when employees approach overtime limits, providing tools to manage and reduce overtime costs efficiently.

Configured by company entitlement policies, our software offers two options for overtime compensation: adding off-time for rest in our leave software or extra pay for more work. These methods value employees’ hard work, boost morale, and enhance their sense of worth, thus leading to increased job satisfaction and motivation.

The advanced HR overtime claim software.
Enjoy a streamlined workflow for each application.

Enjoy a streamlined workflow for each application

Leave, expense reimbursement, and overtime claim requests will follow a preset approval process, involving up to five review stages. Our software provides real-time approval level routing, allowing multiple approvers at each stage for a more efficient decision-making process. Additionally, individuals set up in the notification list will be promptly informed when approval results are released, ensuring transparency and timely updates. It also clearly indicates whose approval is pending, ensuring accountability and facilitating follow-ups. Finally, employees are immediately notified once the approval result has been confirmed, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the process.

Use reports to aid payroll processing

Ensuring payroll accuracy is crucial, relying on key factors such as leave encashment, overtime payment, business expense reimbursement, and penalties for lateness and absence. Thus, these components are vital for maintaining precise payroll calculations and demonstrate our commitment to fairness and strict adherence to company policies. To support this, our StaffPage portal offers comprehensive payroll processing support through user-friendly reports, streamlining the management process for efficiency and effectiveness.

Use reports to support payroll processing.
The advanced HR software with strict access control.

Employee management with access control

Only authorized client company HR admins, department managers, and employees can access the StaffPage portal. The ability to view and modify data is strictly controlled by the user’s specific access role. We encrypt our clients’ employees’ data and company information before saving it to the database, preventing even our database administrators from directly reading it. StaffPage customer service will only access your company and employees’ data upon your request. As a result, no one else has access rights to your company’s or employees’ data.

We also ensure full compliance with international data protection regulations, further securing your company and employees’ information.

Data security is always our top priority

StaffPage leads in data security with a secure cloud solution that surpasses industry norms across all levels. Unlike many HRIS platforms, StaffPage stands out by encrypting employee and company data before storage. This proactive encryption, along with AES 256-bit full disk encryption on all servers, ensures that your data is not only protected but remains private and unreadable, even to our own database administrators.

Our comprehensive commitment to data security includes physical safeguards, ensuring that our client data is stored on database servers completely isolated from the internet to prevent any direct online access. Furthermore, the StaffPage portal ensures secure access with HTTPS, multi-factor authentication, and IP restrictions for authorized users only. This layered security strategy, from advanced encryption protocols to rigorous access controls and physical security measures, embodies our dedication to maintaining the highest confidentiality and security of your data, setting a new standard in HRIS data security.

In summary, choose StaffPage for an HR software where the privacy and security of your information are not just assured but deeply embedded, ensuring your HR data enjoys unparalleled protection at every level.

Data security is always our no.1 priority.
Your server will be hosted in your regional hub, should you prefer hosting in your own country, this option is available upon request.
US Central (Lowa), US East (Columbus, N.Viginia, Ohio, S.Carolina), US South(Dallas, Texas), US West(Arizona, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, N.California, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Washington), Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Beijing, Canberra, Chennai, Hebei, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, New South Wales, Osaka, Oslo, Pune, Saitama, Seoul,  Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Victoria), Canada (Calgary, Central, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto), Europe (Belgium, Berlin, Cardiff, Delhi, Finland, Frankfurt, Gävle, Ireland, London, Madrid, Milan, Netherlands, Paris, Spain, Stockholm, Taiwan, Turin, Warsaw, Zurich), Israel (Tel Aviv), Middle East (Bahrain, Dammam, Doha, UAE), South America (Johannesburg, São Paulo, Santiago).

Global Reach, Local Presence: Explore Our Comprehensive Server Locations Worldwide

Your server will be located in Hong Kong, ensuring that all your data, including backup data, remains within Hong Kong at all times for optimal performance and full compliance with Hong Kong data protection regulations.

StaffPage employee management operates in the cloud

Access our online employee management software securely from anywhere using our cloud-based interface. No local app installation needed, making it straightforward and secure to use StaffPage from laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and various other internet-connected devices.

STAFFPAGE HR software helps businesses worldwide.

StaffPage supports businesses globally

Our employee management software is crafted based on the finest industry practices to offer broad functionality. It’s vital for users to ensure that their use of the software complies with local laws and regulations; please don’t hesitate to contact us for configuration options at no extra cost.

Seize the opportunity to improve your employee management process

User friendly

Our software is not only potent and adaptable but also maintains a straightforward and refined user experience, living up to our motto “Elegant yet powerful.”

Never struggle with employee management again

StaffPage will assist you in enhancing your employees’ work-life balance and boosting productivity through increased motivation.