About StaffPage

What we believe

Combine technology and business process management to achieve higher efficiency, higher quality, lower cost and greater focus on business profit.

Our success derives from in demand SaaS (Software as a Service), professional customer support and affordable cost.

Our motto

Elegant yet Powerful.

We know your life is hard and that is why we’re dedicated to ensuring our system is exceptionally user-friendly and incredibly direct. That’s the key to our success, and yours.
No matter where you are located in the world, our platform is open to your business. We have developed a complex platform that is flexible and powerful and is able handle a wide selection of business types and localized needs. Our model combines the sophistication of our users along with their requirements and the fearlessness of our internal team, who are always ready to take on any challenge presented to them.

What we deliver

The first batch of modules we’ve presented at StaffPage include:

  • Employee leave management
  • Employee expense reimbursement management
  • Employee overtime management

As we are constantly striving to become better, your feedback is vital to us. We appreciate positive comments and welcome any concerns you may have. We have a motivated team that are able to develop the modules you want and need to run your own business successfully. As such, our approach is focused on non-stop improvements with new features added as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Get back to doing business the way you want. We’ll help you reduce the time you spend on employee resource management so you can focus on running a successful profit-driven business.

Never mess with staff management again

Your staff will have a better work life balance and be more motivated to do well for the company.