Effortlessly monitor your application's progress and determine whose approval is pending, with support for up to five approval stages


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We’ve enhanced our leave management system to include “work from home” and “quarantine” icons. When combined with our pre-existing “leave” and “business trip” icons, you can easily identify where and when employees are working in a single chart.

Our leave management solutions control the application and approval process to help plan organization resources. From the leave chart, managers can easily understand the availability of their team members regarding whether leave requests are full or partial-day. Employees and managers can also see if the leave is approved or still pending.

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We provide visually accessible and real-time essential information, such as employee leave entitlement, carried forward leave, leave earned to date, leave taken, and the eligible number of days to apply. This includes a reminder for days that will be forfeited.

The system supports a maximum of 5 approval levels. Each level supports multiple approvers. This results in a clear application status for each person accessing the system.

Our leave approval process is driven by automated email notifications. Approvers receive an email when the process requires their action. Applicants will also receive an email informing them of the result.

The administrator can assign leave payments, such as leave encashment and no pay leave deduction for payroll processing.

Employee leave rules are normally complex, but our system provides a detailed view of each employee’s outcome. This dramatically reduces reliance on the administrator to process requests.

Leave Types & Rules

the statutory rules are excerpted from government websites, https://www.mom.gov.sg/ and https://www.profamilyleave.gov.sg/

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Administrator Role

System Setup

  • Set up leave types and policies, grant leave eligibility.
  • Create user info, leave approval structure and notification list once leave is approved.
  • Set up leave delegation for other approvers for a certain period.

Employee Leave Management

  • Process employee leave applications if administrator approval is required.
  • Track all employee leave in a consolidated calendar view.
  • Easy access to all employee leave details, e.g. entitlements, balances, etc.
  • Update employee leave balances & off-in-lieu assignments.
  • Generate leave summary and detailed reports based on the selected timeframe.
  • Export leave payment report for payroll processing.
  • Apply leave on behalf of employees with no approval required.
  • Generate leave applications detail log for audit purposes.

Manager Role

Employee Leave Management

  • Receive email notifications when employees apply for  leave.
  • Process employee leave applications.
  • Track employee absences in a consolidated calendar view.
  • Easy access to all employees’ leave details, e.g. entitlements, balances, etc.
  • Apply leave on behalf of employees (following the current approval process).
  • Access leave policies applicable for each employee.
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Employee Role

Leave Application

  • Access their own leave details at any time, e.g. entitlements and balances.
  • Apply, modify and withdraw leave applications that are subjected to approval.
  • Get notification emails once their leave applications are processed.
  • Access team members’ leave schedules in a consolidated calendar view.
  • Access leave policies applicable to themselves.

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