Effortlessly monitor your application's progress and determine whose approval is pending, with support for up to five approval stages


Our leave management solutions control the process of application and approval to help plan the resources in the organization

We provide a clear visibility of essential information like employee leave history, balance, leave approval workflow, policy and team’s leave calendar with no hassle at all

Providing employee records management solutions to businesses of all sizes

Administrator Role

Admin Rights

Set up leave types and policies, grant leave eligibility.

Set up user info, leave approval structure and notification list once leave is approved.

Employee Leave Management

Process staff leave applications if administrator approval is required.

Enable staff leave tracking in a consolidated calendar view in the employee leave planner module.

Easy access to all staff leave details, i.e. entitlements, balances etc.

Update staff leave balances & off-in-lieu assignments.

Generate leave summary and detail reports based on the selected timeframe.

Generate leave applications detail log for audit purposes.

Manager Role

Employee Leave Management

Receive email notifications when subordinates apply leave.

Process subordinates leave applications.

Enable subordinates absence tracking in a consolidated calendar view in the staff leave planner module.

Easy access to all subordinates leave details, i.e. entitlements, balances etc.

Access leave policies applicable for each subordinate.

Staff Role

Leave Application

Staff can access their own leave details, i.e. entitlements and balances as and when they want.

Staff can apply, modify and withdraw leave applications which are subject to approval.

Staff will get notification emails once their leave applications are processed.

Staff can access team members leave schedule in consolidated calendar view .

Staff can access leave policies applicable to themselves.

Have No Time To Do Implementation?

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Never mess with leave management again

Your staff will have a better work life balance and be more motivated to do well for the company.